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About Us

XS Design Studios was founded in 2009 by Ryan Baldwin in San Diego, California.  It was created in response to the housing crash of 2008 that resulted in many A/V companies folding and not being able to service their clients.  We saw a need to reach out to companies who were trying to keep their heads above water and offer them programming, design and engineering services at a discounted rate.  This in turn allowed them to provide high level programming to their homeowners and clients either without programmers on staff or at a much cheaper rate than what other companies were providing at the time.

Today, we have expanded to a nationwide team of programmers, graphic designers and systems engineers that work together to complete projects in a quick, professional and efficient manner for our many clients across the country.  Combined, our team has over 50 years of experience in the home automation field and come from various fields including installation, design, sales and marketing.

At XSDS we pride ourselves in our ability to react quickly in response to changes, additions or anything else that may come up on our projects.  We believe it is key to provide on the spot technical support to our clients so they are able to provide the same level to their end users.  Our continuing goal is to provide our clients with elite level programming and design services that take into account the continuing revolution of automation technology being released with a focus on end user ease of use.